Seeing the Change Kids Create

The Coins for Change campaign in December 2007 empowered the children who play Club Penguin to affect real change in the world.

More than 2.5 million children donated in excess of 2 billion virtual coins they earned playing games on Club Penguin to support the environment, children’s health or children in developing countries. Through their virtual donations, the kids directed how much of a $1 million cash donation went to three charitable organizations chosen to represent those areas.

Club Penguin – Parents: Kids Helping Kids

I’ve fallen behind on some things I’ve wanted to talk about… and sadly, I’m a bit scatter brained these days with beloved work. 

I have been meaning to mention some cool things going on in the youth virtual world sphere that I’ve alluded to, but not really given proper support to…

Example, last December’s “coins for change” from Club Penguin, and Dizzywood’s Arbor Day support.  Even Buildabearville has gotten into the act with a recycle center & some subsequent activities (all I’ve mentioned before).  Today I saw the video Club Penguin created to help inform their members THE IMPACT of their Coins for Change support. 

Doing “good” with virtual worlds is one thing – but also seeing the impact is quite another. 

Dizzywood also did some rock star stuff like this a few weeks back with their Arbor Day – Save a Tree support:

Many of you have been hard at work restoring Wildwood Glen’s trees, showing the evil Emperor Withering that he cannot destroy our Dizzywood! A big thank you goes out to all of you that have accomplished planting those Mirthwood seeds. In honor of your diligent efforts, Dizzywood, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, will plant a real tree out in the world! Spread the word and seeds to everyone you know! Help make a difference on Earth!

I was INCREDIBLY honored at the time because Dizzywood presented me with a Tree planted in a national forest.  Very, very cool:

This gift will make a difference.

Your tree will be planted in one of our National Forests, home to such noble creatures as lynx, grizzly bears, wolves, bald eagles, trumpeter swans, and hundreds of other species.

Yet grand as they are, our National Forests are in desperate need of replanting because of recent unprecedented fires.

Someone has honored you with this Give-A-Tree card, so that our forests can be restored to their full grandeur…making them once again a place of inspiration for all who pass through, and a sanctuary for wild things of a rare beauty and grace.

Visit to learn more about the importance of replanting our National Forests.

I hope there’s a happy Big Foot out there, resting his furry head against it.

Anyway… in a day & age where people are tossing out the latest buzz to help pimp their site with PR, it’s nice to see results.  If anything – it’s the results that make the biggest impact.  It’s inspiring.

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