Props to Dizzywood!

I just got this in my wee mailbox this morning (thanks, Kirsten!):

Dizzywood Wins Best in Show Award at Under the Radar Conference
Mountain View, Calif. – June 3, 2008Dizzywood, a virtual world and online game for children ages 8-12, took home top honors today at the 2008 Under the Radar Social Media & Entertainment Conference, with the overall “Best in Show” award.
The 32 companies chosen to present at this year’s event were all selected based on their market opportunity and status as companies that are still, “under the radar” meaning they have launched within the past year. The presentations were judged on each company’s unique value proposition and ability to monetize its product and business.
“There were several outstanding presentations at the Under the Radar conference, and we are deeply honored to be selected as Best in Show by the judges,” said Scott Arpajian, co-founder of Dizzywood. “We believe that the next-generation of virtual worlds can inspire kids through imagination and collaborative play. We’re very pleased that the judges shared our enthusiasm for the opportunity and challenge before us.”
Dizzywood is free to use. Subscriptions will be available to access premium content in the future.
About Dizzywood

Dizzywood’s mission is to inspire young people to use their imagination and have fun, while learning real-life values and skills. Dizzywood’s creative, story-driven world offers children a safe virtual environment where they can explore worlds unlike any other, engage in challenging activities and cooperate with others, while developing important cognitive skills. Because Dizzywood’s games and activities have endless variation, each experience is new and unique – keeping kids captivated and engaged. Kids are appropriately challenged with games and activities that earn players unique super powers and other creative rewards. For more information, visit

Congrats, Dizzywood! Well done 😉

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