A VW persons VW lessons

50 lessons I’ve learned in virtual worlds

June 4, 2008

I’ve been involved in virtual worlds for 18 months now. During this time I’ve developed relationships with virtual world operators, companies delving in-world, active individuals living inside them and other organisations and people trying to figure it all out. And it’s fair to say I’ve learned a heck of a lot during this time. I’d even go as far as saying I know more than most about virtual world marketing but I’d quickly add that I don’t know as much as a lot of people I’ve met along the way (some days I actually think I know nothing about the sector). I think that’s lesson number seven.

50 lessons I’ve learned in virtual worlds : Kzero

Just pointing you all to KZero’s 50 Lessons Learned… I actually am looking forward to this sequence of personal insights and opinions regarding the virtual world space, and will hopefully have a brain once again to maybe divulge a few of my own 😉

Oh crazy days.  In office hammocks & George Constanza’s under-the-desk lifestyle is starting to look much less goofy-entertaining and much more applicable.  Lolzersaurus rex.

Anywhoo… hope you enjoy this path of posts as much as I do 😉

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