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MTv’s Movie Awards

Barely 30 seconds into last night’s MTV Movie Awards, homeboy host Mike Myers dropped a plug for his upcoming comedy, Love Guru (opening June 20). There was another less than 30 seconds later, and yet another almost immediately after that, with the title Love Guru (opening June 20) projected behind him in great glowing letters at least 10 feet high.

TheStar.com | entertainment | Ads rife at MTV Movie Awards

After reading the Twilight Saga (which has taken away at least ten years of sensibility and replaced that knowledge with the heart-filled strife of teen insanity), I tuned in to MTV Movie Awards (which didn’t at ALL help the de-age-i-fication in the slightest).  Basically, that’s when I was writing my post last night (and surfing the net for leaked chapters, spoilers, etc from the Saga). 

As I mentioned – MTV movie awards didn’t help the winding-back-the-clock.  Two reasons, sophomoric hilarity plus party/energy/fame/status (basically known as MTV when it tosses parties) and MIKE “MY IDOL” MYERS.

Love Guru and all the worries of that little ditty aside, it was just really, really great to see Mike  shine once again.  From his goofy dance-off with Chris Brown (which reminded me MUCH more of the Greek Talent Shows… I swear to you, the whole West Side Story shenanigans of one dance team vs another is the very foundation of ALL sorority talent show submission) was silly to the core.  It wasn’t as WHAM BAM as maybe I would have liked it to be, but again, very silly.

If you read the article/post above (see link and click), I totally agree at Guru Myer’s return to character comedy with the snippits from “Behind the Scenes” were hilarity of the best kind.  And seriously, I nigh on wet my pants with Wayne’s World – I kid you not.  Sigh.  Mike Myers, you will never cease to amaze or inspire me.

Anywho, moving on.  I would also like to say that Robert Downey Jr stole the show (purposefully) as did Johnny Depp (shyly).  RDjr’s clip with Jack Black (who was also AMAZING both in the clip and on stage) and Ben Stiller (who grows weary on me) was darn funny as well (no thanks really to Ben Stiller who’s crazed straight-man paled to JB’s child-like silliness and RDjr’s hilarious cockiness).  I also dug the camaraderie from Steve Carrell, Anne Hathaway, and The Rock – And that’s what she said.  Nice improv, folks.

Cold. Play. Rocked.  Seriously.  I wasn’t such a big fan of that song until they played it live at the show.  I totally dug it.  It was a performance that I would have paid to see live.  Pussycat Dolls?  PUKE.  The song sucked (throw-a-way song), the dancing wouldn’t have be so bad if I hadn’t been concentrating on the fact that the “dolls” actually don’t sing and were lip syncing badly, and that it wreaked of “hype” – as in… someone putting a lot of money behind them because of (excuse the term) T&A.  Gross.

As for everything else?  UGH.  Unless they were being over-the-top ridiculous with their promo plugs (like the aforementioned), I didn’t dig them.  Lame, would be a better description.  At least TRY to entertain if you’re going to pedal your crap off on me.  I always think “Aren’t you supposed to be announcing a winner?  Stop trying to take advantage of the time and just read the envelope.”  As a viewer, I can only take so much abuse without a song & dance.  Homeless people dancing for money are more deserving of my time than the too-cool-for-school actors that presented, giving shout outs to their upcoming movie. Pa-uke.

And then there’s Adam Sandler.  I’m not sure if he was trying to sing seriously, or seriously badly.  It was more of a train wreck than old school Sandler.  But momentary props to Rob Schneider and that guy from King of Queens for their SNL-esque dance… oh Farley, how you are missed.

Some tried to be funny and failed miserably: Will Ferrell (sorry, big guy), Rainn Wilson (oh, Dwight… I don’t think you’ve quite found a spot for yourself outside of The Office yet), Seth Rogan & crew (I thought their skit was in poor taste, personally, and I thought their bad attitudes – whether they were trying to be funny or not – while sitting in the audience was crap too.  Pessimism only goes so far).  The camera shots to the audience BLEW.  They never seemed entertained or the slightest bit interested – like it was WORK (which it was, but I don’t want to be reminded of it), and poor Rihanna came off looking like she smelled something bad (perhaps Chris Brown was stanky from his dance work out with Mike Myers). 

The work-related thing I came away with:
There wasn’t any type of mention or push or hype around the internet AT ALL.  Ben Stiller’s sketch with JB & RBjr was the only thing that had web-content in the storyline.  For Viacom, who pushes web so much, I thought that was interesting. 
Nickelodeon does a better job with their advertising brand-awareness, and much more creative too.

Goes to show… even at awards ceremonies… if you’re promising to entertain viewers for yet ANOTHER “pat me on the back, I’m in the biz and I’m HOT” awards show, THINK for a moment about the end viewer.  And perhaps, in lieu of pushing advertising, at least make the “go see my movie” pills somewhat enjoyable to swallow, or stop pedaling all together.  Thanks.

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