Blitzkrieg indeed: Disney’s Camp Rock

The summer movie blockbuster season isn’t just limited to the big screen. As the Disney Channel proved last August with “High School Musical 2,” children and families during the summer are just as likely to catch new releases in their living rooms as they are in theaters. With “HSM3” being prepped for a theatrical release in October, Disney is launching a marketing blitzkrieg for its next potential TV franchise, “Camp Rock.”

Disney Set to Blanket the Nation With ‘Camp Rock’ Promos – Advertising Age – Madison+Vine: News

This is more or less a heads up for marketing explosion of the HSM & HM kind.  WA-BAM.  Here it comes.

I actually want to pay specific attention this time around to the marketing pathways and advertising roads – and watch how successful it is this time, when people are a little more aware of it’s approach (I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t at all prepared for the insanity that followed their campaign).  With parents slightly more aware of marketing & their child… will anything command pitchforks?  Or will it just slip silkily into media, enticing the enticable, and whispering “Hello, remember my name” to the blissfully ignorant?

So again, I say – keep a weather eye out for successful offerings and sly additions and interesting approaches and questionable advances.  If anyone sees anything particularly keen – do pipe up please 🙂

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