Life Lessons from a Faux-Pirate

I had already played Jack as a hobby at San Diego’s Comic-Con and the Renaissance Faire.
Thirty-seven actors showed up that day, four of us in costume. Only eight were chosen for the next round. We were told we would be auditioning the next day at Disneyland. When I showed up, there were now 23 guys—15 that had been pulled from in-house auditions.

June 2008 – Pirate’s Booty – Los Angeles Magazine (via The Disney Blog)

Actually – as a Johnny & Jack fan, I adored this for my own personal giggles. 

But as a community/new media person?  Rock on.  There are some fantastic lessons in here for the future of media (youtube, picture phones, etc) & jobs, as well as great lessons for young adults looking to appropriate behaviors, etc, in professional-land.


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