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Noteworthy: “Foundling”


So, I used to talk more about what I’m watching and playing and yadda-ing. I just INHALED the first book in D.M. Cornish’s “Monster Blood Tattoo” series, Foundling.

I actually almost didn’t read it because “Monster”, “Blood”, and “Tattoo” don’t sound like my cup of team, but “Foundling” is very intriguing as a title, and the soft cover (red with amazing sketches) totally caught my eye and won the battle.

For those who enjoy the “Beyond the Edge Chronicles” by Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart (currently my top favorite living authors, along with Shannon Hale and Gail Carson Levine), you’ll enjoy this series. The main difference = Mr. Riddell and Mr. Stewart give you various sides of an ever-changing world through generation storytelling (3 generations of sons finding different paths to the same end goal), and D.M. Cornish is slowly bringing you through the adventures of one boy, without skipping much between books.

I’m currently on “Lamplighter” and enjoying it (as well as looking forward to meeting some of my favorites again from the last book). I recommend HIGHLY.

Anyone else have any good book suggestions for the summer? I’m already set to read Gail Carson Levine’s newest book, Ever, and then re-tackle “Gulliver’s Travels” for some much-needed recon for my own book “Beyond The Cork” – I’ve just passed the mid-point, which is a mountain of a milestone for me, and I’m pleased to say that a friend enjoys it enough she’s working on the illustrations (which honors me to no end).

Anyway – do share!! And if you don’t read YA (young adult literature – basically tween stuff), and you work in the biz with tweens? Mmm. I would suggest diving into the local Barnes & Noble, Borders, Mom & Pop store and buying some. YA literature has become a force to reckon with, and you should always know what your audience is entertained by, and the stories offered to them. 🙂

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