Interesting stat for club penguin

The Nielsen numbers, which track monthly unique visitors to social-networking sites, found that MySpace’s growth from April 2007 to April 2008 was just 3 percent, and that Club Penguin’s traffic shrank 7 percent. If Nielsen’s numbers are accurate (which is always debatable with online metrics), that’s not good for News Corp and Disney. In August, for example, the same methodology from Nielsen found that Club Penguin had grown 250 percent year-over-year and that MySpace was still growing at a healthy rate of 23 percent.

Nielsen: MySpace, Club Penguin growth static, LinkedIn soaring | The Social – CNET

Down 7 percent, Eh?  Hmm.  Couldn’t be because they now have proper virtual world competition from Buildabearville, Pirates Online, and other such domains suddenly seeing the SPARK that IS youth online media.  It’s about this time last year anyway – when people suddenly moved from adult community buzz to youth oriented buzz, thanks to Barbiegirl’s amazing winter stats. 

However, I must debate myself with the fact that kids are multitaskers.  I’d love to know from parents what they’re range for paying sites.  Do they cash out for one safe experience? Or more? 

What is the average amount of paying subscriptions for tweens online?  Again – if they are multitaskers, do parents pay for more than one?  Or just one and the kids have to enjoy free experiences? 

But then I go back to the fact pre January/February 2008, people were pointing at the product-based “entrance fee with a stuffed animal purchase”, and only post that time did people start buzzing with subscription based worlds.  Of course – that’s a gut assumption from someone who does her best to read all the statements and articles out there, as well as stick her ear firmly to the railtrack and listen for signs of movement. 

There are quite a few subscription based worlds in the mix for this year.  How much are parents willing to purchase for web world activities?  And what’s the next step, to help kids in the candy store get all that they want without ticking the parent (and their credit card) off?


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  1. January 13, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    I’ve read they got 20M accounts from 12M by the moment of purchase, but I believe the number of paid users is the same and varies from 700K-1M

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