We Got Your Answers, Savvy?

To find the biggest concentration of digitally savvy consumers, you have to head to Texas, it turns out. Austin, to be exact. And the second-highest concentration of this segment is not in Silicon Valley but in Las Vegas. Spots three through 10 go to, respectively, Sacramento, San Diego, Washington, Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

Where the Digitally Savvy Things Are – Advertising Age – Digital (Via Kidscreen)

RAD ~ Chicago is in there (where I grew up). Digital Savvy, woot woot.

Nice article, has some great info regarding early adapters and their habits. I hadn’t really thought about it before – but it makes sense that a lot of early adapters use more concentrated/practical social networks – instead of me-me-me myspace or facebook.

The digital savvy are the settlers that help support the frontier. They are the ones making success stories out of the new environments that provide necessities for life improvement (or enrichment). Yes, I know the social-social sites (bebo, myspace, facebook, etc etc) are of no less consequence, but they are nigh on pure social.

The cement that forms the foundation of a strong social web isn’t just in the social – but the offerings sites have that allow people to move on with various other outlets in life. Books, movies, shoes – amazon. Sports, stats, competition – espn.com. News, weather, politics, culture – cnn.com. The never ending questions that plague us – ask.com.

So what can we take from this to enhance youth user frontiers??? Well… what can you provide on your site that gives the answers they seek (oh great gandolf)? Or, how about – what every-day lifestyle social necessities can you provide that allows for ease and fulfillment? Can you bridge a gap of real world play patterns that seemlessly flows into your sites goals and agendas? If so… rock on for your bridges. The tater tot savvy users are comin’ your way.

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