TV vs That Interweb

…But the distorted Kathie Lee Gifford live interview with renown, long time blogger Heather B. Armstrong of Dooce (who self describes she’ll be “forever branded” as making KLG “uneasy”—video clip here) was bolluxed at best. (see more on Heather’s history as a hipster matriarch blog goddess at: The Dawn of Mommy Blogs)

The curt, clipped Today Show blip leaving viewers a bit befuddled at the lack of erudite commentary or the community-building aspects of social media makes me wonder if ‘mainstream press’ will EVER remotely begin to understand ‘nontraditional media’ as a powerful Web 2.0 force to be reckoned with…

A quick TweetScan shows Kathie Lee Gifford’s cluelessly dismissive positioning of mom bloggers as exploitive opportunists in a vanity gambit rather than an information resource and tightly woven community managed to offend, rile and belittle much of the ‘wired world.’

Kathie Lee Gifford deftly managed in a few swift seconds to judgmentally (and hypocritically) spew vapid ‘internet safety’ tripe to further the fear-mongering misperceptions of the digital dialogue overall, while simultaneously admitting she knows very little about the digital sphere! Yowza.

Scary stuff giving talking heads the power of a media microphone without teaching them how to use the platform in question…sheesh.

Ah well…TV is still the mother of all mediums, but with that type of reckless, superficial blather and those broad-sweeping, misguided generalizations, my guess is it won’t be on the top of the heap for long.

Shaping Youth » Moms Who Inspire & the Non-Moms Who Support Us!

It’s funny that Amy Jussel (Happy Mommola’s day to you too, Amy) over at Shaping Youth, mentions this.  Why?  Because it’s been something that I’ve found knocking at my window (not door, it’s not that direct yet) for a few months now… especially in regards to the 6v1 chick fight from those darling dears down in Florida (grumble, punk, sigh for the future, grumble, and “meh”).  I remember watching the coverage of that debacle – and all the “blame the youtube, it made our children claw each other” hallabaloooooo.

Oh, television news.  News news news.  I shaketh my headth. 

Anyway, I do think this is a buzzing-fly topic.  Something you swat at with subconscious irritation while you focus on other, more pressing topics.  I do hope that maybe peeps like Kathy Lee might have a bit more time for understanding this giant thing called the “interweb” than what she showed.

A lot of people spend their mornings watching these news programs, and if they’re just going to go ahead and blindly spread the fear of the web, and not really address the issues of web safety, proper home internet usage, etc?  Then boo.  Booooo. 

So, weird ramble ending, do stay cognizant of TV (news in particular)’s web-information-knowledge-share approach… because if that fly irresponsibly buzzes any louder and lands in your tea… that is going to be a problem.
(Side note: deep down, I giggle privately because I just had the thought regarding KLG, Meredith Viera wouldn’t do something like that… lol.  Actually, I’m not really sure if she would, or wouldn’t (I hope she wouldn’t), I’m simply a big Meredith fan – she’s ever so slightly goofball bonkers, and yet respected and strong.  An icon for young goofballs everywhere, lol.  Plus, anyone notice how happy the Today show team is now?  Matt Lauer seems less annoyed-stiff.)

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  1. May 12, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    Gawd I love your writing style; brings a smile to my day every time. Just cracks me up, such sardonic wit and informed banter delivered with machine-gun style. (you coulda shoulda auditioned as ‘Gilmore Girl’) 😉

    Yeah, I agree KLG came off as a fear-mongering tsk-tsk-type which is a disservice to all who champion safety on the internet and embrace the positive power of moving beyond ‘twitch games’ to more meaningful content. About to post another one on Shaping Youth to wrap all the virtual world/digital discussion in a tidy little bow from last week’s conferences. ttyl, –a.

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