New Web-based Trading Card site

Mammoth Brand, a marketing/manufacturing initiative of NSI International, has launched Doko, an online social network and trading game targeted to K7-13. Kids can collect and trade Doko discs (small 40 mm in diameter pieces), each of which features a Doko design and has a unique ID etched on its rim that can be registered online to receive points. When players trade/give a disc to another player and they register the code, both users Doko points (up to five times after the initial registration). Disc points can be used to unlock features on the website as well as be redeemed for real goods and services from Doko partners including , DK Publishing and . Additionally, players can interact with one another through the virtual network via a range of games as well as via chats online and send messages to offline players. While the first Doko discs were distributed in cities around the world, as of launch the discs are available at Toys R Us, to be followed by other retailers.

Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis – Cyn Kids 5/12/08

Sweet. Sounds a lot like POGs, 2.0 style. I’ll have to pick some up at Toys’R’Us later. As for the site? Not seen it yet. I’ll take a look later this week (a bit bogged down – hence crazy ramble posts lately).

Anyway, something to keep an eye on– especially for innovation in the trading/collecting sphere (Chaotic, Pokemon, Magi Nation, Bella Sera, etc)

UPDATE: So yeah, took a pre-peek at the site, and the concept is pretty wicked…

What is Doko?
Doko™ is the World`s First Global Trading Game! You child can trade and collect Doko (chips) with other children on your block or around world and track where they go on the internet at

What do I do with it?
You register it at and then give it to someone else for them to register and then give to someone else and so on and so forth. Each Doko can be traded 5 times after the first registration. At , you can track where your Doko has been registered.

Is the online part safe?
It is very safe. All chat is “canned” so kids can`t disclose any personally identifiable information, be harassed or bullied by others or have any conversations that are “inappropriate”.

Why would I want my child to do this?
There are several benefits from trading doko. The first and foremost is you get to be a part of the world of Doko where you can you can track the progress of your Doko – and every other doko in the world.

You can also safely chat with other Traders who are on-line, message with those who are off-line and play 100`s of games FOR FREE.

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  1. Robert Peterson
    May 13, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    It sounds nice but I’m a bit confused about something. Will each Doko be different from another, as in no 2 Doko are alike? Also, where does the global part come in? Anything toy or collectible can be traded online but does their website make it easier to trade with other countries?

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