Which is safer? Type of comp or browser?

You know that old argument about Mac vs. PC security? Well, it really is an old argument now. Computer security really isn’t about what operating system your computer has anymore. Now it’s really about 1) what browser you use and where you go online, and 2) how smart you are (or your child is) about protecting passwords and financial information online (social engineering), CNET reports. “Lots of people who may already be nervous around computers often just do whatever the computer [or email or Web site] tells them to do,” CNET says. That’s called social engineering. But children, who are most definitely not nervous around computers, can be gullible too when they get messages like “check out this video” or “click here to find out how to start your modeling career.”


There isn’t anything more I can say than… SO FREAKIN’ TRUE.  Click that link for more from Anne Collier.

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