Virtual World Storytelling for Tweens

In contrast to the large number of people who use computers and computer programs in their daily lives, relatively few learn to create their own computer programs. Storytelling Alice is a programming environment designed to motivate a broad spectrum of middle school students (particularly girls) to learn to program computers through creating short 3D animated movies.

To enable and encourage users to create animated stories, Storytelling Alice includes:

  1. High-level animations that enable users to program social interactions between characters.
  2. A story-based tutorial that introduces users to programming through building a story.
  3. A gallery of 3D characters and scenery with custom animations designed to spark story ideas.

Storytelling Alice

On my current Randy Pausch kick (purchasing his book today, and I have a feeling it will be just a soul-monumental to read as “The Alchemist”, “Haroun and a Sea of Stories”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and “Lord of the Rings” have been for me). 

Pausch talked about the project “Alice” – something to help imagination, storytelling, tech, and computer skillz for youth (especially girls, since Girls & Tech = slow to rise). 

It reminds me of Dizzywood in a way, and that’s rockin’. 

Imagination & exploration of fantastical worlds is so important, it just makes my skin tingle to think about all the opportunities kids will have to extend play online.

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  1. April 11, 2008 at 3:38 am


    Nice to see you writing about Alice. I’ve been a big fan of that software for some time now; in fact I’ve been in numerous schools in my area this semester demonstrating it’s virtues and hoping to interest some kids in computer programming. This summer, my school K-State at Salina is hosting a summer camp using the Alice software. It’s a little funny because we’re doing basketball, softball, aviation camps, or you can go join with the geeks and play with 3-D virtual worlds.

    I haven’t used Storytelling Alice yet, but have read a bit about it. I understand it is a version of Alice especially designed for creating digital stories. As the dad of a six year old girl, I’m all for finding ways to attract girls into the IT field. I’m hopeful that this software will help. And I can’t wait to see the 3.0 version of Alice with the real Sims characters! That should be a hoot!

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