It’s a Pirate’s Weekend!


In the wake of the sad news about the Virtual Magic Kingdom… some yaaarfuly good news! Virtual pirates can double their piratey pleasure in Pirates of the Caribbean Online this weekend!

Disney Online is giving Pirates of the Caribbean Online players the chance to earn double experience points and level up their pirate avatars twice as fast during two in-game events. But it’s not all weekend so pay attention matey!

Both Basic (free-to-play) and Unlimited Access (pay-to-play) players will be able to earn double reputation points in both land and ship battles this Saturday, April 12th… but only between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00 pm (Pacific Time). Pirating for Unlimited Access members will commence again on Sunday, April 13 during the exact same time frame (12:00 – 3:00 pm Pacific Time).

Bonus bounty: later this month Disney Online will be be announcing details about new content that will include a bevy of new weapons, quests, and more… so stay tuned!

PotCO does double XP weekend – Massively

Le sigh.  I love PotCO.  The community just KILLS me.  With the addition of the new animations/expressions, etc (such as /bark, /meow, /jig, /flex, /chuckle, /cheer, etc), and the new “wanted ad” esque announcements (/afk for “away from keyboard” and /crew for “looking for crew”) things have changed up a bit.

Before – those who gobbled up the play existence too quickly, reaching the levels of 30+ (including weapons, etc), pirate players would run around helping their guild, giving noobs pirating experience, and playing cards.  It was fun to see how bored pirates decided to spend their time helping others – and without too much of a second thought. 

It wasn’t rare to see +10 level players drop their current quests to help noobs or low level pirates.  Everyone seemed to have a common bond, and the piratey nature of the game made the aggressive nature seem like play-acting or not needed.  And if particularly nasty peeps played, they could engage in Player vs Player games.

But now?  Now it’s a whole new level of hilarity.  Hanging in Tortuga dock last week, users were leaping on random boxes and flexing, doing jigs, etc – as if on display.  People engaged in more of the useless community hilarity, instead of track-game  play with elements of community. 

I’m eager to see how this forms a real community – will it turn like Lord of the Rings online where people group together to create musical bands to play outside pubs?  Or relationships like in WoW? 

Pirates makes me happy – living out the romantic story-book nature of pirate play in a well kept arena with like-minded rp souls. 

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