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For the Luv of Bloggering.

does work/life balance exist?

Reading the NYTimes over my Puffins (yes, I failed at staving off that addiction), I noticed this article: In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop. The article is painfully sensationalist and fails to really highlight the core issue regarding blog culture: bloggers do it cuz they wanna and cuz they lurve it. By and large, blogging is part of geek culture. Just like those who code, bloggers go late into the night doing their thing out of passion. Personally, my health improved when I switched from coding to blogging. I no longer down 2 2-liter bottles of Mt. Dew every day. I now have a gym membership and visit semi-often. And if you think that I’m pale now…

Underneath the sensationalism, there’s a core point here: those who are passionate about what they do do it to extremes. And when there’s the perception of a race (even if it’s self-imposed), it’s far too easy to take the extremes over the edge. I certainly spent my 20s running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying not to miss a single thing. It wasn’t for my blog per say – it was for “research.” I had to know everything the moment that it happened and I followed web developments like a hawk. My blog turned into the space where I spewed all of my pent-up energy out.

apophenia: does work/life balance exist?

Sweet Jimney Christmas, batman ~ Danah sounds a bit like the voice in my head.

Today my co-worker Joe (who is wearing shimmering gold pants fyi) asked me if I ever just blog about anything other than virtual worlds and stuff. My reply: “Yeah, sometimes cartoons and books and education.” And he laughed. “No, Iz. Do you ever just blog about yourself. Like ‘I read a nice book today. It was the color blue.'” And my first intention was to scoff and say “Pfft. No.” Why? Because blogging has transcended for me. It’s not just some live journally thing with uber-choices. It’s this place to keep thoughts, earmark articles, and rant/ramble about “The World for Youth according to Izzy-in-the-moment.”

It was nice to see Danah’s post today. Balance is important.

I’ve been feeling ever-so-slightly guilty for not putting forth the highest quality of rambles in logicville lately. As I mentioned last week ~ been a bit tired. And you know what? That’s okay. I do this blog because I love the industry, and it’s nice to have a place to exude some of that professional passion towards the market. Burning out = no fun. Pace, pace, pace. 🙂

Anyway ~ in honor of balance, blogging, and gold shimmer pants, here’s an izzy non professional rant:

1. I think the guy at the Smog place broke my car today. What I wouldn’t give to have a proper “emissions test” place like back home in IL instead of slightly delabidated smog check joint that breaks 4×4 escapes.

2. My birthday is this weekend and it will be the strangest of all birthdays since neither my friends or family will be around. What I wouldn’t GIVE to have cheap air tickets to Chi this weekend (475$ to fly to O’Hare for a night? BS!).

3. I’m really excited about “Beyond the Cork” – the tween fantastic adventure – I’m currently writing. I’m half way through, and everything seems to be falling seamlessly into its freakishly kooky place. My friend Heather likes it enough she’s even offered to illustrate for it (which is HUGE because she’s a brazilliant artist!)

4. Every office has its ups and downs, I’m sure. But it’s really dawned on me lately how much I dig my co-workers. Granted, they’re all guys, and sometimes the conversations we have = pushing water up a hill… but overall they’re freakin’ awesome. (Gold freakin’ pants, people. GOLD PANTS HE IS WEARING).

5. I’m thinking of adopting a dog (since my Willa is with her grandparents in Chicago, and absolutely exstatic about her living arrangement, much to my broken heart). The dog in question has no eyes. She was hit by a car, and miraculously survived– walking away with only the problem of no-vision. The doctors took her eyes out because they were that bad. I want to help her. Yesterday I saw a duck get hit by a car that didn’t even try (at 6.30 am) to dodge it– despite 4 lanes and no traffic. It too survived, but with a crushed leg. I had been running at the time, and stood at the side of the road crying. 3 ducks flew in and helps pester and nudge the duck to safety, and it went begrudgingly, feathers everywhere. I don’t know if it survived, but wherever it is now, it’s not alone. It breaks my heart to know this eye-less dog is somewhere without anyone to nudge it along safely.

6. Etsy & threadless = best sites for shopping ever.

Okay you faithful RSS readers (whether it be to my blog, or anothers), I invite you to take a moment and post any “care to share” comments about you… YES YOU. If you don’t, at least think about yourself for the next moment– and NOT in the context of work.

Whether or not I know you, it’d be a nice moment, i think, to share some simple daily thoughts. 🙂

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  1. April 9, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    I will be with you on your birthday in spirit my friend!

  2. April 11, 2008 at 3:01 am

    Since you asked so nicely, I will de-lurk (un-blurk?) myself to respond to your call for “care to share” comments 😀

    Ok…not in the context of work, you say?….hmmmm….gimme a sec, here…..

    Well, here’s one: I’m really sick of hearing about this damn pregnant man! The news keeps making it seem like an a honest-to-goodness dude is actually knocked up in some incredible miracle of nature. It’s not a man, people!

    Hey, that felt sort of nice.
    Thanks for letting me share!

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