Club Penguin gets some props

The Webby Awards are a big deal in the internet industry, having got more or less glitzy according to the fortunes of the industry during their 11 years of operation. This year’s nominations have just been announced, and Disney’s Club Penguin virtual world has scooped a nomination.

It’s in the ‘Youth’ category, and will face competition from, National Geographic Kids,, and Scholastic. However, I’m wondering if next year, the Webby awards couldn’t expand to include a dedicated virtual worlds category, such is the growth in this space (yes, many of them would be aimed at young people).

Club Penguin up for a Webby award… but why no virtual worlds category | VWF blog | Virtual Economic Forum Content Library

Props penguins!!! And It’s awesome to see National Geographic kdis & Scholastic in the mix too. has done some much needed improvements to their site – which couldn’t have been easy considering all the content they have battling for first tier attention. Granted, they still have that darn Neopets trailer thing that turns on when i arrive at, and trailers with loud music/voice overs, etc? Booo. Not a fan.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Penguins. They’ve done a rock star job making a thorough, deep environment for tater tots.

I do agree– there should be a couple virtual worlds categories, since the expansion over the year has been great (mmo, vp, etc).

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