Silly Wisconsin, A tale of school gender swaping

REEDSBURG, Wis. (AP) – An elementary-school event in which kids were encouraged to dress as members of the opposite gender drew the ire of a Christian radio group, whose angry broadcast prompted outraged calls to the district office.

Students at Pineview Elementary in Reedsburg had been dressing in costume all last week as part of an annual school tradition called Wacky Week. On Friday, students were encouraged to dress either as senior citizens or as members of the opposite sex.

A local resident informed the Voice of Christian Youth America on Friday. The Milwaukee-based radio network responded by interrupting its morning programming for a special broadcast that aired on nine radio stations throughout Wisconsin. The broadcast criticized the dress-up day and accused the district of promoting alternative lifestyles.

The Education Wonks: Gender Bender Elementary – Thoughts And Ideas Freely Exchanged

Forgive me for the flippant nature of my post title.  But I think people sometimes put way too much value on just quirkiness.  Kids dressing up as the opposite sex– at surface level– is just Halloween play. 

Clearly the idea of “pushing stereotype boundaries” in the name of goofy fun has struck a meaningful/frightful cord with a percentage of Christian folks in good ole Wisconsin. 

To me– this brings up a lot of questions about the weight we invest in gender identification, doesn’t it?  Perhaps playing with gender identity & exploration should just stick to the net?  Because, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it– there is a large percentage of youth exploring gender & identity through avatar-play. 

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. April 9, 2008 at 6:01 am

    This is definitely a subject that needs to be paid more attention to.

    Great blog, love your post’s. I will be frequenting here often!

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