Heads Up: Dinokids

Virtual World For Children, Cute And Funny Dinosaur Characters, Children-Friendly Social Networking Features, Intriguing Quests And Storylines, Easily Accessible Flash-Based Virtual world, Enhanced Multi-Play Features, Side-Scrolling Character Control Using Keyboard Hotkeys, Simple And yet Dynamic Character Actions

DinoKids Developer Blog

So far it looks just like Maplestory but with chubbier Yoshi-like Dinos. I look forward to seeing how it goes– since Maplestory is uber-successful (and yet, still scares the crap out of me). Anyway, go ahead and add this one to your lists of future betas. And maybe even take the RSS feed to follow their production blog.

I’m not really one for scrolling, or hot keys, but it works for their 2d layout, and brings fond memories of early Mario.

Here is info about the company:

We, Avocado Entertainment, are established in February 2006 by veteran online gaming product managers, web programmer and designers from Yahoo! Korea.

We are a proud Master Contents Provider of Yahoo Korea, currently servicing over 20 online games whose genres cover from board game and MMORPG to advanced casual game.

DinoKids is our very first development project in which we intend to provide a wide social networking service to people especially for kids.

In the virtual world of DinoKids, users select a variety of cute dinosaur characters, and embark on thrilling adventurer all around the dynamic world to complete missions, or just stay in town enjoying mini games, chatting with their friends, or decorating their houses.

This service allows easy access to everyone. Because it is a flash-based virtual world, users can just connect to the website and play from anywhere and at any time, as long as they have internet connections.

And as the simplest game options – side-scrolling view and keyboard hotkeys – are provided, users do not have to sweat in learning complex character controls or secrets of the world elements.

DinoKids is currently on a beta test, and is planning to launch the official service in late 2008 .

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