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YA Chris Rettstatt and YA Shannon Hale

The other book I was pulling for in deliberations for this year’s Cybils award was Book of a Thousand Days, by Shannon Hale. For me, this book was all about the details: the grit of daily life in the tower, the details of Dashti’s previous life on the steppes, the relentless believability that ran from the first page to the last. It was a fantastic story, and I’m so glad it was one of the two winners in the fantasy / science fiction category.

Shannon has two young children, and so I promised to keep the interview short.

Chris) How did you go about researching Mongolian culture for Book of a Thousand Days?

Shannon: My parents lived in Mongolia for a year and a half, so I had some great first hand knowledge, and I sent questions for their Mongolian friends. i also read books, especially the fantastic Ghengis Khan and the Making of the Modern World.

Chris) In Book of a Thousand Days, how satisfying was it to heap so much hardship on a fairytale princess?

YAuthor to YAuthor: Interview with Shannon Hale « Chris Rettstatt

Click that link to continue with the interview. Chris Rettstatt is not only a good friend, and a great blogger (with author interviews & a YA perspective), but he also is a KICK BUTT writer. He has a book series coming out soon called Kaimira, and I love it. Very fantasy, very epic, very awesome.

As for his interviewee, Shannon Hale, I hate to say it (for self preservation), but I’m a fan girl of Shannon Hale. Fan. Girl. Not only do I love her Goose Girl, Emma Burning, River Running, and Princess Academy, but I’m obsessed with her book for the older ladies– Austenland, which is primarily about a girl who loves Pride & Prejudice just a wee too much (ahem… there’s nothing wrong with being a Jane Austen fantatic! lol).

So, if you’re a huge YA (young adult) fantasy reader like me… Chris’s blog (book) and Shannon Hale are worth a check out. Radness.

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