The Joy and Mystery of the MMO

Whether it’s completing quests, running dungeons, or taking down super villains, any good game has decisive goals for player progression. Most of the time there is a clear and structured path that will get players quickly from one goal to the next. You level up, you unlock new abilities, you get better gear and you take on more challenging and entertaining tasks. It could be as simple as that; a straight and narrow path to completing a game. So why do many of us get in snowball fights outside of the bank in Ironforge? Why do we join others playing music outside of taverns in Lord of the Rings Online? Why do we jump off the highest structure we can find, only to fall to our deaths? Could it simply be because it’s … fun? MMOGs afford us interesting opportunities to goof off with others and “play” a game in ways that developers may never have intended.

MMOGology: Playing around – Massively

That’s a fun article for those looking to get “clued in” on the joy and mystery that IS the MMORPG.  I am an MMO fan for the outrageous community element.  I run around with little to NO point, just trying to engage people in various ways of lunacy & entertainment.  I enjoy building the SOCIETY out of the social aspects.

People never cease to amaze me– no matter what their age.

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  1. eliciab35
    April 1, 2008 at 12:07 am

    It is interesting that so many people play MMOs for a variety of reasons. It seems as though you thrive off of the community aspect, for example, while others enjoy solo-ing or can’t give up PvP or crafting or housing, etc. I work in PR for two MMO game developers and have found that MMOs do really mean different things to different people (or avatars) 😉

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