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Heads UP: Tramp Stamps Available at stores near you?

Head’s up, parents! If you’re one of those long-suffering people who’ve wished your daughter could have some sweet ink on her lower back just like mommy does, but have reservations about the ethics involved with giving your grade-schooler a permanent tat, FEAR NOT, for some genius sticker-maker has given you a new option: Lower Back Tattoo Stickers. Yes, now your adorable little ten year-old can finally have the kind of tramp stamp that tells boys on the playground that she might just give them an HJ under the monkey bars if they play their cards right. And best of all, it’s been made conveniently available by the good people at Toys ‘R Us, who have strategically placed this hot new line of child-ruining accessories in the vending machines by the door, so right between the Hannah Montana and Minnie Mouse stickers, your kid can find the fake “Do Me Harder” lower back tattoo she’s always wanted!

Best Week Ever


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  1. March 28, 2008 at 12:04 am

    Tramp stamps at Toys R Us? Did it really say that?

    I went to the site, and found the usual peel-n-play removables but no verbiage per se…still, I think I’ll add the link to the comment section to ‘Miss Bimbo’ that I wrote about on Shaping Youth as it’s another example of indelible marks that we THINK are ‘removable’ but are all too often etched in there pretty deep. 😉

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