Random: What the HECK TV?

2 programs of the 3 I watched bothered me.

1. Miss Guided.  The show over all is fine.  I was straight-up disappointed with Ms. Jamie Lynne Spears as a hookerish-slutball-ditz teen.  I’m guessing she doesn’t like the idea of inspiring a legion of tween/teen girls to improve upon themselves by following any type of wholesome path, nor does she seem to understand/want the responsibility of being a role model.  My brow furrowed and my jaw dropped when the teech opened the car door to show a bratz-doll version of Ms. Spears sucking face in a car.  And all I could hear in the back of my thoughts was “Well… now we know how she got preggers so fast.”  PUKE.   Okay, sure, any other teenage girl in that part– I probably would have overlooked it and just frowned at the fact a girl goes to a good college to be near her boyfriend (two steps forward – girl goes to college, one step back – incentive boyfriend).  But it’s Jamie Lynne Spears.  Seriously – she has one of THREE female-lead shows on tween-lovin’ Nickelodeon (thank god for Emma Roberts, stay clean my dear, stay clean).  And she was in that whole “who’s the daddy” scandal about her 15/16 year old self gettin’ preggerfied.  And Nickelodeon STILL supports the show.  And now she goes on Disney’s public television outlet, ABC, as a trampy teen in prime time.  Meh.  Maybe I’m being a freakball here (which could be the case), but the handprint on my cheek still tingles.  Shame, shame Spears team.  Way to make your girl there look trashier than she was already portrayed.  Izzy is not amused.

2.  WTF, what is this: I KNOW MY KID’S A STAR?!?!?!  Holy crap.  Why are people freakin’ about Kid Nation and NOT about this rat’s nest?  I watched it last night and felt SOOOO bad for those children.  Psyche “rejection” and “reality” issues alone, their parents are nutters– well intentioned-ish nutters, which almost sadly makes it worse.  Those kids are going to get rejected because of their parents reality nonsense.  God help ’em all if they develop some sort of resentment toward their caretaker, as last nights wee lil lad seemed to do as he & his biz-clueless papa left.  Bah!!!!! I was on energy panic last night after watching it.  I wanted to cover my tv with a blanket and make it all go away for those kids.  Celebrity has CLEARLY been hard on acting children.  So why don’t we still those warped kids in front of a camera and make them dance for us… better yet, put some of the spotlight on their parents!  <God help us, the world is going to get a lot closer to a South Park episode (re: Wednesday’s older Spears episode) than ever imagined.  VH1 had another show about lil girls & pageants & theirs mothers- yes, it felt kinda tragic, but at least it was a one time only thing, and the girls didn’t seem to be competing on national television as much as in front of conference center peers.  Not that that’s much better, but at least its not televised in some sort of “make your mom look crazy for the public’s entertainment to win” contest.  I’m damn sure I won’t be watching that again, and probably be sneering viciously at any commercial that comes my way on VH1.

AT LEAST THERE’S LOST.   I’m not a Michael fan, but we got a few peeks of Desmond, the storyline was engaging enough that I didn’t start nitpicking (which I can be known for…), and the battle of good verses evil, right vs wrong, mythology vs science got all twisty again– shades of gray, shades of gray.  Plus, BIG TOM!

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