Skateboards, toys, and tech: a new virtual world

Spin Master Studios, a subsidiary of toymaker Spin Master, is readying a virtual world based on the company’s Tech Deck finger-size skateboards. Tech Deck Live, set to go live this summer, will allow users to customize skaters, explore skate parks and interactive environments, socialize, and compete. It looks like the ultimate goal is to join a “pro skate team,” but along the way users can also trade items and play games along the way. Interestingly, the free-to-play, Web-based world doesn’t have any tie-ins to the physical toys, at least that have been announced. Instead, monthly subscriptions will allow users access to premium content, like customizable rooms. Judging from the success MTV had in bringing in new demographics with just one virtual skate park, there’s certainly potential here. “We are  excited about combining the authenticity and fun of Tech Deck with the immersiveness of virtual worlds, providing a truly unique online experience for kids,” said John Reale, Vice President of Spin Master Studios.

Virtual Worlds News: Tech Deck Fingerboards to Get Virtual Skate Park

Tech Deck skateboards are pretty cool.  I will always remember going to dinner with family from the east coast, and my second cousin– at a relatively swank restaurant mind you — finger skating his tech deck skateboard on the table and windows the entire meal.  The kid was fourteen too.  Luv him, but always thought that was interesting.

Anyway, I look forward to jumpin’ into the Tech Deck Live world and checking things out.

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  1. Robert
    March 21, 2008 at 1:22 am

    I love Tech Deck skateboards aka fingerboards. You’d be surprised at how many adults like them too, in my general area at least.

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