Woot: Nickelodeon Sheds More Light

Last July, MTV Networks’ Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group announced that it would invest $100 million over the next two years in casual gaming titles, sites and platforms. We’re starting to see the fruits of that investment today. The company plans to launch three new virtual worlds as well as adding 1,600 new games over the next year to its existing 5000, some of which will be added on to current virtual worlds like Nicktropolis.“Our portfolio of digital brands is delivering fun and innovative gaming experiences for all of our audiences,” said Cyma Zarghami, President, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group.“Because our gaming sites complement and serve the same breadth of audiences as each of our linear channels, we are now offering game experiences that range from educational content, virtual worlds to casual games that are both property driven and totally original.”

Nicktropolis in particular will see over 20 single and multiplayer games in 2008, starting with 3D Slimeball. Neopets will also be seeing added content. It’s already working on integrating an MMO-style game with toy tie-ins called Key Quest, but it will also see 25 new, exclusive content games.

Interestingly, Nickelodeon is also releasing a tool for users to create their own virtual world experiences. The-N.com Role Player builds off of roleplaying and collaborative stories that have been unfurling in The-N.com forums for years, but now users can create worlds, characters, and customizable avatars for their own games.

“We want to be the bookmark sites for each of our target demographics and we know that for our audiences, casual games are what they crave online,” said Steve Youngwood, Executive Vice President of Digital Media, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group. “Not only do we want to entertain our audiences with a robust gaming portfolio and demo-focused gaming sites, but also tap into their creativity through game development tools to enhance the gaming community and help them entertain each other.”

Virtual Worlds News: Nickelodeon to Launch 1,600 New Games; New Content to Virtual Worlds; New Virtual Worlds


WIPE THE DROOL OF MY CHIN, HOLY MANOLY. Thank you for the clarification Nickelodeon (through Virtual World News of awesomness, of course). I am appeased and eager to see what you have planned.

Sweet mamajama. Three virtual worlds? Educational elements? Additions to Nicktropolis (let’s hope that includes a good clean-up mission too)? Self-created virtual world experiences? Oh the potential! God help their moderation team – which I’m hoping is now a legion of brilliancy?

I’M SO JAZZED RIGHT NOW – my favorite line? “tools to enhance the gaming community and help them ENTERTAIN EACH OTHER.” What a great concept. COMMUNITY! double woot. Nah, make that triple. Nickelodeon has decided to battle for their crown back, eh? Or at least a shared title?

The gauntlet has been thrown, and it’s huge, yet just vague enough to mean anything. I look forward to seeing their poker cards.

Anyone got any info on this?

p.s. Okay, Mr. Tanopolis, I hear you– slack I shall cut. Thank you for letting me know it was needing a shave.  How funny is this?  Is it weird that I experience a momentary thought of “are you talking to ME?”

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