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Turner Broadcasting System has appointed Paul Condolora as its new vice president of digital for its Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media Group. He’ll be heading up digital strategy and product development for cable properties including Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, SuperDeluxe and GameTap. Before this he served as SVP and general manager for Cartoon Network New Media, where he headed up the network’s upcoming virtual world Fusion Fall.  “It has been a great privilege to lead Cartoon Network’s new media initiatives over these past years and I’m proud of the many successes we’ve had thus far,” Condolora said in a statement. “The New Media space continues to be an exciting opportunity and I look forward to this new challenge to spearhead the overall strategic direction of our digital brands for the Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media Group.”

Virtual Worlds News: TBS Gets New VP of Digital for Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media Group

First of all – woot to Turner for having PR about their push forward into the digital space.  I like to hear big leaguers join the ranks of awesomeness that IS OUR FIELD.  So, woot to you, Turner.

Now on to Fusion Fall – which (along with Disney’s Pixie Hollow, Little Big World, and Spore) is what I’m foaming at the mouth for this year.  From everything I’ve seen and heard – it’s a new way of working branding into the MMO space, as well as a fun approach to making a totally solid, rockin’ virtual experience from a multi-story network. 

Sadly, I was cursed with american-airlines-idus two weeks back when I was supposed to fly northward for the press event during GDC, and missed it (anyone else not a fan of LAX AA and/or San Fran’s airport controller?). 

So far news looks fab, and Richard Weil (the community manager) has been a constant face, recognizing and improving social networking safety for his users – and we all know how I dig that.

For links regarding fusion fall, check out Metriod Crossing.  There’s tons of bits & pieces & links to sources, etc.

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  1. March 14, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Izzy, thanks for the plug. Sorry you missed GDC, but I look forward to seeing you at our next event. -Matt

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