Lego Universe and its Universal Audience

The official LEGO Universe website just put up an interview with Phillip Atencio, one of the upcoming massively multiplayer game’s art directors.There’s a lot of material in the interview but there were two things he touched upon that I found really interesting. First is how LEGO Universe is going to deal with violence and still attract younger gamers.

Lego Universe: Violence and Visual Unification in LEGO Universe

Brings up some good points, and makes me eager to see how the end result reflects this ideal.  I do think he’s right – creativity can spawn some pretty amazing jedi mind tricks.  Helping the user to remember its a game, its not real, its play, its not harmful, its exploratory, etc.

Quite a challenge, and exciting from a progression point of view.  Proving once again that some things which seem impossible can be couched in the possible.

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