Heads up: Parent and kid virtual world on the scene

Online Community Handipoints Creates Virtual World

Handipoints, an online community aimed at helping parents encourage good behavior in children, has launched HandiLand, a virtual world tied to the same concept of encouraging real-world action. Users earn points by completing tasks set by their parents. The points can then be used for in-world purchases like cartoons or games or for real-world rewards set by parents. Targeted at kids aged 4 to 12, HandiLand is positioning itself in the Webkinz and Club Penguin market, though aiming as much at parents as kids. The Handipoints community has over 140,000 users and the company says the beta of the world has seen 92,000 kids and 48,000 parents since its launch in November 2007. The site is currently free, but the company plans to adopt a subscription model for premium content down the road.

Virtual Worlds News: Online Community Handipoints Creates Virtual World

Wow– here’s another VW based on equalizing & reprioritizing the parent relationship to their child online.  It reminds me a bit of Minyanland.com– a place for kids to learn about banking & the responsibility of money.  Kids can earn money & such through winning & CHORES set up by their mom’s and pop’s. 

For some random off beat reason, it reminds me of the scene in “Liar, Liar” where Jim Carrey has a piece of paper, crumbles it up, and recreates it in the form of a swan– something a lot more interesting for a certain crowd than say, it’s original form. 

I find it very ambitious for them to go after the Webkinz, Club Penguin crowd as both are more entertainment, kid-world based… as in, they created a world for, around, and through kids.  No adults allowed.  A kid’s escapism from the parental monopoly of the world, into a place where they matter the most– top of the food chain, etc.  And now to have a new site catered to the collaboration of parent & kid?  Could be great for a good handful of families out there, but over all… I can’t help but wonder if kids will lean back towards the kid-dominated world.  Fingers crossed for the best!

I’ll jump in today and bring back any interesting tidbits.  🙂

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