Early Heads Up: Guppylife

GuppyLife is an MMO for girls. The overall purpose of the game is to take care of the small furry inhabitants of the world, the guppies. A guppy is a small life loving creature with an innocence of a child and a thrill for fun and adventure. Guppies are quite intelligent. With a little guidance they learn to sing, dance, and most importantly be nice to both friends and strangers. Without guidance however, they will pickup bad habits or get sad and depressed.

Using our proprietary unique AI engine, GWAI, the guppies can learn both by example and by own investigation, teach each other skills, such as where to look for food, and have social relations with the player and other guppies.

guppyworks.com :: GuppyLife

First of all… PREEEEEEEEEEEEETTY (well, maybe the pretty factor loses it’s pretty-ness with these friend-of-Gumby-Look-alikes, lolz. The Blue friend of Gumby, ya know– the chick– she always kinda freaked me out):

But seriously– Go check it out at the link above. Again, preeeeeeeetty.

Other than the info found on that page, I don’t know too much. Discovered this gem over at Wonderland – which is always a great RSS treasure. I’ll be adding this to my future Beta list, and keeping a sharp eye for more. Guppyworks, the parent company, seems to have a few game/worlds for Hans Christen Anderson, whom I love (especially as he lives in the form of Danny Kaye in my head).

Anyone have any more info?

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  1. March 6, 2008 at 3:01 am

    This looks like such a very interesting vw, Izzy. I like the focus on caring for other lifeforms (really cute ones at that.) But I have to wonder: why is this place just for girls? Are boys not capable of compassion and caring for little cute animals?

    I know you’re just delivering the news about Guppyworks and my question is probably better suited to them. But I just have to wonder why they have to be so strict with the gender assignment of their world that they have to state it in the very first sentence on their site. Not only are they immediately cutting off half of their target market, they are failing to encourage traits that are well suited to both genders: compassion and caring. It does look interesting, I just wish they’d give kids, especially boys, a bit more credit and even the slightest welcome to this cool looking world.

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