Nickelodeon welcomes Lily Collins

Nickelodeon has tapped Lily Collins, daughter of singer Phil Collins, to help keep its viewers informed on the latest trends and news in entertainment and pop culture.

The 18-year-old, who is studying broadcast journalism at USC, is set to appear in interstitial programming spots airing throughout the day and night on Nickelodeon, reporting from the sets of Nick series, movie premieres, awards shows, concerts and other celebrity events. She also will host daily 30-second updates centered on current music, movie, fashion and celebrity news and join current host J Boogie to contribute reports to the weekend TEENick block.

This marks the first time that Nickelodeon has inked a deal for a roving entertainment correspondent.

“Lily is a natural in front of the camera,” Nickelodeon executive vp talent Paula Kaplan said. “She can think on her feet and is comfortable interviewing a wide range of people. As a rising young star herself, she’s totally plugged into the latest entertainment and pop culture trends.”

Collins joins Nickelodeon

Okay, I’m hopeful about this.  I have said over and over how much I would love to see Nickelodeon tackle a “Blue Peter” type program– taking a chunk of tv block to present the news kids care about.  Yes, Linda Ellerbee rocks– but I’d like to see it be a daily thing… supporting & encourage world events & news, while also making the act of social awareness COOL. 

OH, PLEASE, NICKELODEON, don’t just make this an “Access Hollywood” for tweens.  Give it & the audience actual CREDIT.  Viacom!  Give Nickelodeon’s audience some sort of SOCIAL IMPROVEMENT, like you do with Mtv (occasionally). 

Fingers crossed.  I await such a thing eagerly.

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