Virtual Worlds in the News

Disney on Monday will unveil its first line of Internet-connected toys, called Clickables. Developed in collaboration with its licensee Techno Source, the toys will be based on Disney Fairies and unlock an immersive virtual world that will be launched in the fall. Robert Marick, vp and GM at Disney Toys North America, said the technology goes beyond what’s already out in the marketplace and takes Internet-based toys to the next level. He said the technology will be applied to other Disney properties in the future.Other toy lines that hook up to Internet worlds on display at Toy Fair include Mattel’s Barbie Girls, launched in 2007; Hot Wheels, launching this year; U.B. Funkeys collectible vinyl figures; and Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop. Warners said Mattel would be launching Funkeys to connect with a Speed Racer virtual world. DreamWorks Animation said it is working on developing an Internet-connected toy line for “Madagascar,” and Jakks Pacific has launched a Neopets line of toys that connect to the Internet.

Playdate for film toys

Also, Seapalls (Shining Stars peeps) & Webwilds (puppets) & Beanie Babies 2.0. I’ll be adding these (as always) to my growing list of Future and Beta Worlds.

UPDATE: Here’s more information regarding Disney’s efforts (Clickables & Pixie Hallow, and even some about DXD).  Awesome.

Side thought: Why hasn’t Viacom spoken up about any of their future projects????  Neopets is getting a new level of product-virtual-purchase… which is… nice?  But that’s nothing in comparison to what everyone else is doing.  I GET TO SEE FUSION FALL THIS WEEK (Thanks Cartoon Network!).  Oh, man, am I pumped.   And where’s Warner Bros?  Why haven’t they said anything about T Works???  Hmmm.

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