Noteworthy: GoFish Network

In other online ad network news, GoFish Corporation launches an entertainment distribution network aimed at kids/young adults, the GoFish Networks, which the company reports will reach 17.4 million online users in the US.  The GoFish ad network is comprised of, (aimed at Girls 6-16), Cookie Jar Entertainment, and,,, and, as well as its own  GoFish Network’s first advertisers includes Activision, Build A Bear, Cartoon Network, Disney, EA, Hewlett Packard, Kellogg’s, Konami, Lego, Microsoft, Nintendo, Random House, Sony and Verizon Wireless.

Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis – Cyn Kids 2/19/08

Very cool.

I think my only BIG question is: how are they going to blend 13+ content with U13 content smoothly?  For example, piczo is a flickr-esque photo community for 13-18.  GoFish Corporation is a network advertising to both kids & teens.  How are they going to blend the demographics without promoting age-fixing?  Etc.

Really, it could be some sort of simple fix.  I look forward to figuring it out.  Until then, I will eagerly read on, and watch, trying to figure it out. 

Naturally, youth don’t care and will see beyond many of the ads.  And heck, even if there are age filters (which could be the case– once you log in, the network automatically filters age-appropriate content, that’d be rad), I think I’m interested in the promises alluded & parents. 

If you tell your audience it’s safe, and then provide content not available to youth, would that be offending your audience?  And is the simple act of advertising/offering content a breach of that audience-trust?  It’s easy to say yes… but to what degree?  Because, as we’ve seen with Youtube, many parents shrug at it… it’s officially part of news-sharing pop culture, right?  That makes it “okay”.  <insert heavy sigh>

Piczo is actually a pretty cool community for teens, and they do a solid job of keeping it clean.  But that doesn’t make it age appropriate. 

Anyway, I’m asking more questions than I need to today.  Hopefully you get the point, and maybe have a point or two of your own.  Or, better yet, the “word” on how GoFish Network is going to ROCK the age difference (fingers crossed for ’em, because overall it’s a cool idea!)

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