Even ecards are a no no

THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION IS now advising Web site operators that they should obtain parents’ consent before letting users under age 13 send an e-card that includes the senders’ e-mail address or first and last name.

MediaPost Publications – FTC Reels In Web Sites Where Pre-Teens Send E-Cards – 02/19/2008

Eeeeh. This is an important “heads up” for all you community peeps & youth marketers. E-cards are getting the stank eye. Part of me rejoices on behalf of safety (and all those folks who aren’t deleting content, and those kids who are taking advantage of the UGC ecards), and part of me frowns with the sound of a “Wa Waaa” somewhere in the background (because it’s yet another limitation for youth sharing in a clean/clear way, plus it makes show-n-tell on the web a little more difficult).

I’ll be curious to see if anything comes of this movement– both on the production side, and on the legal side.

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