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Personal: Perhaps you’ll like?


So (deep breath), I started a new experiment with an old project.

As I’ve mentioned, or alluded, or expected you to know through ESP & Osmosis… I’m a storyteller at heart.  What one might call an “author” or a “writer”.  Titles are not necessary for those of us “Gonzo” representatives of the world (Muppet, not Hunter S Thompson).  Anyway–In 2002, during my Creative Writing masters @ Cardiff University, Wales, I started a writing project called:

The Misadventures of the Royal Runaways:
A tale of Princesses, evil Jesters, Dragons, Knights, Delivery Gnomes, chickens,
and (of course) Fairies.

It was fun and very much in “izzy voice” — as it was typically read aloud on Open Mic nights.

I’ve always written– if nothing more to tell myself stories (as you get older– telling OTHER people your fictional stories gets a little more difficult, sadly).  So, after returning (albeit begrudgingly) from the UK, I jumped into my late job @ Star Farm.  And as creativity is a constant tool there, my passion for writing somewhat disappeared (or needed post-work-day rest).

Well, now that I’m in California (and relatively social-life-less, I know, you may weep for me later), I’ve started writing again.  A LOT.  But none of it has to do with my old (editorial need) fictional pieces.

Feeling sentimental, I recently jumped back into my old documents & such… and found this story.  I’m not willing to give up my current work (teaser: Beyond the Cork, and no, it’s not about baseball or Sosa), so I thought maybe I’d try something new…

And being the SOCIAL NETWORKING chick I like to think I am… I decided, Hey! I’ve got this all safe-i-fied legally in real life, why not take a chance and put it online?

So that’s what I did.  Every Sunday I will be placing new installments of THE MISADVENTURES OF THE ROYAL RUNAWAYS online.  So, I invite you to stick the blog on your RSS feeds for a little Monday escapism.  I’m not promising it to be some master piece, or even well written at times (I’ve mentioned my lack of editorial passion before, yeah?).  But it is fun, and light, and silly, and exactly what a stressed adult who appreciates a little goofball fantasy might like….

As soon as I get my geeky headset, I will start podcasting each section (for those who like to work out & listen to podcasts).  Joi and I will probably start out podcast (or re-start) then too (it’s not as easy as it seems folks– especially when we start talking about everything BEFORE the podcast, then end up with nothing to say during it, doh!).

I invite you to leave comments, questions, side notes, thoughts of your own, etc on the blog I have set up for the story.  And, if you have a hankerin’ for some creative outlets too– send me your blog story link and I’ll add it.  Also, if it’s entertaining at ALL (we all have varying tastes, now don’t we), please pass it along.  I’d love to see how this experiment works, fails, encourages, etc.

Also, there’s a group in facebook for it too, if you’d like to be nice and join (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

Any readership, comments, etc are not only welcomed but encouraged (and I’ll be thankful to you all).  I wasn’t going to mention it here, but I just had a cookie… and cookies, well, they seem to make everything in life easier.  So I gave in.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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