WiFi and Coffee

Starbucks Corp. today announced that it’s dumping longtime partner T-Mobile, and switching to AT&T. Best of all, Starbucks announced that WiFi will now be free in many stores for the first two hours (as I predicted).

Digg – Starbucks Announces Free WiFi

Not that I even drink Starbucks anymore.  I’ve moved on to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (or, when i have the time– independent spots like The Talking Stick in Santa Monica, or The Cows End in Venice).  Oh, the snob I am.  LOLerrrz. 

But I like this trend.  And I couldn’t help but think to myself: I hope that the available signal will be enough to let me play Pirates of the Caribbean Online, any time, any place.  That would wicked.

Gives those of us social networkers more time to share…. for free.  WOOT!

Second convo:

So, this weekend I went into Pacific Palisades to check out some dogs up for adoption at the Farmers Market.  Kids & families EVERYWHERE.  And as I was walking back to the car (dog-less, which is a relief to my precious, spoiled lab, Willamena Fredericka), I hear the 6 year old next to me PLEADING with his mother to take him to Starbucks.  Let me repeat that…. PLEADING.  Like verge of tears.  He couldn’t even say STARBUCKS without that precious young lisp.

And as I pass Starbucks (yes, the mother took her son inside)– four babysitter-club-esque girls come skipping out of the joint– in bright colors and bright auras and bright friendships… with mocha lattes.  The girls couldn’t have been older than 11… and they’re talking about mocha lattes and flavors. 

So, lightning struck twice, making me actually start paying better attention.  Nearly everyone within eyesight of the farmer’s market & Starbucks… children included, were carrying Starbucks cups.

I always get confused when I see consistent trends of behavior from youth that I was strictly forbidden from due to some health threat (you won’t grow, it affects your brain, etc). 

I dunno… does anyone else get confused when they see various types of old school “no no” behavior?  And please, do share the your examples!

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  1. February 13, 2008 at 12:37 am

    I ran a poll on cafemom on the subject of coffee for tweens. I got an interesting mix of results and comments. You should be able to access at: http://www.cafemom.com/group/727/boards/read.php?post_id=1164191

    One mom said tweens are getting multiple Starbucks gift cards for birthday presents nowadays.

    At my house we’re not genetically blessed with super-fast metabolisms, so there’s just no way I’d casually add hundreds of pointless calories into my kids’ diets. And they bounce off the walls just fine without the added sugar and caffeine.

    I think that today’s parenting culture of indulging children in adult luxuries only leads to either frustrated young adults or young adults that bury themselves in debt trying to live a certain lifestyle. Do you want your college-age kid wracking up credit card debt with every $4 latte. Maybe you’re not doing them a favor by starting their Starbucks addiction.

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