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Have some E&E for St. Patty’s Day!


I LOVE the fact E&E are going “Irish”. What about Scottish Gaelic??? There’s such a push in Ireland to keep the language alive, and I think that’s brill.

Here’s a little more on the Edgar & Ellen brand:

Chicago, IL (Feb. 11, 2008) Cartoon Network Latin America has just signed
the Edgar & Ellen series in a deal brokered by Pi Distribution. In the
meantime, Cake Distribution pulled together a English and Gaelic
language agreement withTG4 in Ireland.

It’s no wonder Edgar & Ellen love Cake and Pi.

Susanna Pollack, SVP of International Sales and Licensing at Star Farm
Productions, says, ³Edgar & Ellen are going to have to learn a lot of
languages this year, they’re on there way to 72 countries.²

To learn about more licensing opportunities with Edgar & Ellen, please
contact North American Licensing Agency, Lisa Marks & Associates, Inc. (LMA)
at LMarks@LMA-Inc.com. For international opportunities contact Susanna
Pollack at susanna.pollack@starfarmproductions.com.

Background Information

Edgar & Ellen®, for ages 6 to 12, are pranksters extraordinaire who crave
outrageous fun. The Edgar & Ellen animated series is produced by Star Farm
Productions and Bardel Entertainment in association with YTV. It currently
airs on Nicktoons Network US, Nickelodeon UK and ABC Kids Australia. This
multiple media phenomenon also appears in a six-book series with Simon &
Schuster Children¹s Publishing and as a thriving online community at
www.edgarandellen.com <http://www.edgarandellen.com
<http://www.edgarandellen.com> > . Enjoy the ride and
savor the inevitable consequences when each of Edgar & Ellen¹s plan

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