Pros and Cons of Social Networking and Education

Social networking in the classroom?!

There was a debate going on recently over at The Economist, and the pro-social-networking side won. For parents or anyone interested in social networking’s benefits and not just its risks, let me zoom you in on a very meaty discussion, starting with points from the Economist debate’s opening arguments, both pro and con (not answers, not just good food for thought):


Anne Collier goes on to quote Ewan McIntosh (Scotland National Education Tech Advisor), Danah Boyd, and Michael Bugeja (Iowa State University). So make sure you click that link above.

So yeah– Very cool!! I dig the Pro-side. The more society acts with fear & rejection, the less education & empowerment is provided for our youth. It’s like having a jungle for a back yard– you have three options:

Warn your kids about the dangers in the forest WHILE TEACHING THEM about all the survival points and helping them EXPLORE AND DISCOVER.


Let them run amuck, willynilly, without any prep, safety, etc. And if they get eaten? Whoops. Or fall in a hole? Uh oh. Or eat some poisonous berries? Doh! Or run away with the woodcutter from the woodcutters cottage? Blame the world!


Keep them holed up in the house– staring out the windows at this mysterious land, never to explore their own backyard. Hermits for president!

It’s all about choice really– and parents, teachers, etc need to know theirs and ROCK it.

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  1. seth
    April 15, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    online chating is bad very bad

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