Canada Cracks Down on Cyberbullying

16-year-old Charged due to Cyberbullying – Internet Safety News – Internet Safety-For Our Children’s Sake

Ontario Provincial Police officers have charged a 16-year-old student for uttering a threat to cause death or bodily harm. The student reportedly sent the threatening message via email.  Two students were on the social networking website, Facebook, when one of them allegedly received a threatening email. The student reported it to parents, who then contacted authorities.    Constable Allan Boyd, from the Manitoulin Ontario Provincial Police said “What young people don’t understand is that any crime that can be committed face to face also applies on a computer,” said Boyd. “Just because someone decides to write a threat in an email format rather than verbally convey it does not make any difference. The youth was charged with Section 264.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada and will appear in Gore Bay Youth Court. The name of the youth is not being released.

16-year-old Charged due to Cyberbullying – Internet Safety News – Internet Safety-For Our Children’s Sake

Let that be a lesson to all you cyberbulliers… THE MAN IS COMIN’!  Granted, the “man” is Canadian… but still.

Note the use of the term “students”, which tells me this sounds like a case of after-school bullying on facebook.  Another example of known bully-ers perhaps?  Perhaps.

(Thanks safety Queen, Jace, for the spot on that one)

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