Dizzywood gets props: 1 million of ’em.

Dizzywood, a kids-oriented virtual world, has received $1 million in Series A financing from Shelby Bonnie, co-founder of C-Net, and Charles Rivers Ventures. Dizzywood opened in November with the aim of providing “an environment that would open up kids’ imaginations and inspire them to create.” While many other worlds have shifted towards ad-supported or virtual goods business models, which Charles Rivers Ventures’ Susan Wu is a big proponent of, Dizzywood is free to use, but will offer a subscription for premium content in the future.

Virtual Worlds News: Dizzywood Gets $1M in Series A from Shelby Bonnie and CRV

Well done, Dizzywood! If you haven’t taken a peek at this VW, I suggest you do. It has some VERY unique outlooks on VW/MMO territory. The size, the space, the interactions, the traveling– all new concepts in a giant new puzzle.

What I’m curious about with Dizzywood, and have been watching: Their mod/policing practices, How story/Imagination builds upon the a-typical VW format, and the goal for the user (other than chatting and collecting). There are so many great opportunities based upon the info I’ve read and heard. I’m interested to see the impact of a place like this on the development of VW’s and spurring innovation.

**UPDATED: Here’s more regarding dizzywood’s objectives via big co-chief Scott Arpajian.  What I found uber-interesting (more reactionary interest due to my own current VW-struggles, le sigh) is the 15% drop when Neopets opened the micro-transaction store (I’ve reported on the community reaction previously).

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