Heads up: Tamatown

Tamagotchi Connection V5 extends its magical world to Tama & Earth Expo, the new addition to the Tamagotchi virtual world (www.TamaTown.com). Now, its even more Tama-rrific by offering multiple new ways in which fans can interact within the site. Visitors can travel to different Pavilions, offering them an opportunity to explore foreign locations like Europe and Asia. Fans can also check out the Ecology Pavilion to learn about ways to save the planet or the Gotchi Amusement Park to play games and have some good clean fun. While using Gotchi Points and special passwords, visitors can go online to shop, visit the travel agency, grab a bite to eat, get a new job and buy the hottest clothes. New games and other activities are also available online for even more fun, codes and collectible souvenirs.

Tamagotchi Connection V5 continues to offer all the fan favorites that have made it the consistently top-selling and award-winning toy that it is today, such as the popular infrared technology feature, which allows Tamagotchi toys to connect with others. Tamagotchi Connection V5 includes the most characters ever (65 total), including some that have never been introduced before, as well as more collectible souvenirs that can be stored inside the toy. V5 also sports a snazzy new look with a house-shaped icon on the antennas end, and comes in a fun redesigned package.

New Tamagotchi Connection(R) V5 Lets Kids Raise a Family of Characters

I’m heading out now to spend the day with my mom who is visiting from Chicago (woot!).  Naturally I have things to say about this– but will have to wait for my ramble.  Wanted to give you the heads up first.

Enjoy the weekend 😀

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