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Passing this tidbit along: Ty Inc

Andy asks Ty, Inc., makers of the Beanie Babies line whether they are “evil, selfish, or stupid?” I’m wondering if it’s not all three.

CHICAGO (AP) — A popular toy maker is refusing to pull a lead-tainted doll from store shelves across Illinois, challenging a state law governing lead content in toys, the state says.

Community Guy – Jake McKee » Bad PR vs. Legal Compliance

Oh no they di’ ‘int!

Head over to Jake McKee’s site and read some more about this.

Naturally, being FROM Illinois myself (lay off the ‘s’ sound my out-of-state darlings), I was mighty proud of the fact we have such high safety-expectations from our toys. Nice.

As for Ty Inc… interesting events. Interesting events indeed. At least the toys are down now… kinda odd that they’re still sticking to their “yeah, well we think its safe” guns when they’re fighting a gov department & bad press. (:|) <my not-so-amused face.

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