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TV Noteworthy: Pedro & Frankensheep

 Ya know, the fun thing about this blog is– every now and then something pops up that makes me glad to be a blogger.  Being the huge Cartoon Nutbar I am, the Cartoon gods smiled down on me and sent this wee nugget my way… and from Scotsmen too.

Anyway, it’s a British cartoon from the Brothers MacLeod.  Here are the specs:

Pedro and Frankensheep is a series of 10 x 5 minute episodes for CBBC following the scientific misadventures of a super intelligent guinea pig Pedro and his naïve simpleton cyborg sheep Frank. Also featuring two high IQ ticks Hector and Hugo that live on Frank’s head and who burst into song every episode.

It reminds me of Rocko’s Modern Life and El Tigre– both follow weird/goofy storylines and have unique approaches to art and execution.  Plus, I dig the guinea pig.

A cartoon a day keeps adulthood away.  Enjoy!

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