Noteworthy: Woogi World

Woogi World™ is a joint venture of the Family Home Foundation—a 501(c)3 organization and the Children’s Way Foundation. Both organizations are dedicated to helping kids achieve balanced living—teaching kids to use the Internet as a resource to build family strength and serve in the community. Woogi World™ educates, motivates, and engages children, but more importantly encourages them to get off the Internet often and participate in the real world.Woogi World™ teaches children the dos and don’ts of the Internet, which can be easily supplemented by involved parenting. Woogi World™ also provides kids practice for common Internet scenarios and even real-time coaching for those moments when problems arise—all within a safe, controlled environment.

Woogi World – About Us

Here’s a new elementary-based virtual world. It has filtered chat (selective word), educational games, and promotes safe online behavior.

Over all, there are elements with this world that give me the giggles– which, in this case, means it’s well done.

The world is 1 part virtual world/community, 1 part board game, 1 part edutainment. It’s great for the 2nd – 4th grade kids looking for a gateway VW & a edutainment experience. So far– this is my ulta-favorite in all the VW’s for the kids.

In their own words, here’s their safety additions.

1. We have parental controls allowing parents to limit the days, times, and duration their child can be in Woogi World™.
2. All children learn and agree to certain rules of chat before being able to use it. Every time a child chats they are constantly reminded of those rules.
3. Woogi World™ uses a safe chat dictionary, which limits the information a child can share.
4. Parents can disable the chat completely, should there be any concern.
5. A chat history is kept of everything typed and the child chat history is made available to parents.
6. Kids are able to mute (hide) another user should that user be bothering them.
7. Kids are able to report other kids to the Woogi World™ staff for abusing or breaking the rules of Woogi World™.
8. Our staff monitors the chat logs and is able to ban children who break the rules. Children must write an apology essay to return to Woogi World™. If the behavior continues, they are permanently banned.
9. We ensure the Woogi Name the child uses does not contain their real name, protecting their identity.
10. We require secure passwords for parents and children and make sure all log in requests are handled using SSL encryption.

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  1. Rebecca
    January 22, 2008 at 4:05 am

    I’ve played on Woogi World and i love it!
    lots of fun and some good things to learn as well.
    My parents love it too!

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