Tech Barbie Rocked it out for 2007

Inspired by the success of BarbieGirls, and building upon its past good fortune with fashion games (such as the Barbie: Fashion Designer PC games), Mattel made its mark on this week’s Sandbox Summit by launching its newest girlie-tech initiative, a CD/collectible card game hybrid called Barbie iDesign.

Gamine Expedition: iBarbie

I encourage you to jump over to Sara Grime’s Gamine Expedition page for thoughts & research/tid bits regarding Barbie & the year of 2007.  Innnnnnnnteresting stuff. 

Knowing that a good portion of ya’ll are marketers, or bloggers, or bloggers about marketing, and some youth enthusiasts, etc, I get the vibe that Barbies aren’t necessarily everyone’s pick-o-the toy chest. 

I am actually one who has fond, loving memories towards that busty blond. 

As a child with a HUGE imagination, a penchant for storytelling & play acting, and the complete LACK of ability to sit still long enough to type on the computer– Barbies were such an outlet for me. 

I was not, am not, and probably will never be a fashionista– instead enjoying the “camp counselor” meets “I just fell out of my closet this way this morning” look… the whole ‘barbie fashion’ thing never quite sunk in. 

Regardless, I played (albeit secretly) until I was 13 years old (Yes, I know that’s old to still be playing with a barbie… But i’m secure with it!).  Barbie wore socks, Skipper’s hair was chopped off (she was the tom-boy of the bunch), and the Muppet Babies figurines from McDonald’s Happy Meals were the adopted children. 

So, although I am TOTALLY on board with the anti-over-fashion-diva-princess-hooker dolls created for this demo (especially Bratz), I will always be grateful to my Barbies for allowing me to channel my own stories & dreams & play room dramas.  And I hope they somehow manage to do the same for other girls out there willing to cut through the hoopla & uber pink & over-sexualized diva-tism. 

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  1. January 18, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    So, although I am TOTALLY on board with the anti-over-fashion-diva-princess-hooker dolls created for this demo (especially Bratz)

    I guess I’ll never see what was so bad with the Bratz’s clothes. It looks like everyday fashion that girls in real life wear to me.

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