Games & Social Responsibility: China-style

Shortly after the start of 2008, I traveled to Shanghai to attend the International Games and Learning Forum, an event organized by the MIT Education Arcade team in collaboration with Peking University and funded by the Hewlett Foundation. The gathering brought together some leading American thinkers (including Sasha Barab, Eric Klopfer, and Scot Osterweill) about the pedagogical potentials of games with their Chinese counterparts in education, government and industry. Special thanks to Alex Chisholm who organized the event.This fascinating series of conversations started broadly with a consideration of the current context of digital games in China and ended with a concentration on the value of games as a resource for teaching foreign languages. Here I want to share with you some impressions about the current state of games in China which emerged from these exchanges.

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Games and Social Responsibility — Perspectives from Shanghai

This is a great article regarding China & social responsibility & gaming.  I have to process it more before I can put together somewhat tangible thoughts that may parallel China’s objectives and understandings to our own here stateside.

Regardless, it’s a good one!

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