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“I think it’s already happening,” said Sherman. “If you’re on Bebo. you can go through the Bebo page into our world and watch the Matrix for free. It’s working. It’s absolutely working. A virtual world allows you to transform a viewing experience from a solitary experience into a social world. In the real world, it’s more fun to watch TV and movies with your friends. I think that’ll be a natural connection with worlds like us. Users and teens will want the ability to watch that content and have the choice to watch it alone or watch it with their friends.

Virtual Worlds News: Interview: Gaia Online Unites Social Networks

This quote, from the Interview on Virtual World News regarding Gaia- reaching into other outlets to allow users to spread out, and bebo- bringing in other outlets to allow users a hub experience, totally struck a cord with me.

Bad cord:
1. Go outside.
2. Have a face to face convo, you wee monkeys, stop hiding behind screens
3. Sitting in front of a screen is going to rot your brain.

Good cord:
1. Innovation: New Frontier Adventuring + Old Play Pattern/Entertainment Comforts = best of both words, exciting for the experienced, available for the noobs.
2. Keeps kids home instead of causing bored trouble elsewhere (I know, maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s still a point)
3. Keeps people connected– beyond just school time buddies and neighborhood play groups.

Personal point for #3:
A. My 7 year old godson lives in Missouri. I live in California. I get to spend TIME with him online in our fave virtual world. That’s sooo valuable to me.
B. Two of my dearest friends from Chicago and I meet up on Pirates Online to play. Having JUST moved to Los Angeles, it’s not necessarily been the ‘easiest’ move in terms of building a new. But my two buds regularly meet me in Tortuga to go sailing or play some cards. Pirate style of course. But it’s saved many a boring night, let me tell you!
C. My dad is on facebook. MY DAD. Now, if you KNEW my father, and bless– his technological understandings– you’d know that it’s amazing.

Ready for a ramble?
Social technology is getting more inclusive all the time– putting 2 + 2 together to find innovative ways of invading and offering… or a better way of thinking of it (less negative): inviting the wary and invigorating the advanced. New frontiers. Love ’em, hate ’em, they are what they are.

Australia and the US weren’t necessary the place modern civilization DREAMED about venturing to and establishing back in the early days, right? But, slowly they revolutionized (literally) and created new environments containing (in my opinion) the best of all worlds.

The web seems to be embarking on the same, and that’s rad.

Our revolution is coming: big business vs personal rights; safety; legislation that WORKS, the Boston Tea Par— oops. You get the drift. We’ve already got the early foundation, now we just have to keep at it to create the great environment it could be. And you know what? The revolution starts at home– with family and friends. Then keep to the code. Find what you need out of the internet and solidify your personal objectives & policies. Don’t wait for others to do it for you. PROACTIVE! Make the social networks work for YOU and your loved ones, and then decide what does not work– find ways to avoid, fix, establish. But again, it’s gotta start somewhere– and that somewhere is you.

End of soapbox. Podium mic off. Thank you. There will be cookies and juice in the reception hall.

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