Barbie old skool tries 2.0

Following up on its Barbie Girls website, Mattel’s Barbie Tech group launches Barbie iDesign, an interactive fashion CD-ROM game that features a USB-connected scanner and design cards. The game allows kids to upload design elements from 200+ scannable fashion cards (each containing an element, e.g. hairstyle, shoes, models, locations) and then style the looks on models, as well as creating a fashion show.

Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis – Cyn Kids 1/8/08

In other words, Barbie is bringing old school toyz to 2.0:

Oh, crayons and barbies… oh, how your crude fashion stylings fueled generations of confused kids like me. “What? You CAN’T put a t-shirt with a ball gown bottom? It looked neato on that Barbie I crayola-rubbed last night at the babysitter’s while watching Silver Spoons! WHAT? You CAN’T have a miniature train chugging through the living room? BOO! What has the world come to!”
Clearly pop culture made me who I am…….. silly.

I’m not bagging on this new Barbie-fashion-centric etc. Just reminicing on old school play patterns hitting the “future” (cue ‘ooooo’s’). At least now the tater tottesses won’t have shavings cluttered about, and will be able to properly color & shade, etc, their fashion creations without having it look like a preschool drawing, lol (not that there is anything wrong with that… it leaves much to the imagination after all, and I do love the imagination).

Back on point though: Barbie loves those USB ports and they *could* use this as a launch point for jumping into the “trading card” market. At Digital Media in New York this past September, one of the busiest areas of the convention was the fantasy trading card set moving into video game platforms, complete with card scanners and boards. It seemed far too complicated to learn at the time (especially since Littlest Pet Shop Virtual World was premiering across the hall and I wanted a chance to play that before flying home), so many apologies for not sharing more info regarding that new trend.

The trading card set is a big one, and they’re doing all they can do these days to bridge the gap (or combine the two play methods) of hand held cards and video/online gaming. Smart.

Bella Sera seems to be one of the only “primary girl” properties rolling into this space with head-on purpose. It’ll be interesting to see if it works.

I have to say though… when I was a wee lil girly, I collected TWO types of trading cards (aside from the Topps Baseball cards): Archie Comic Trading Cards and (my still treasured) Mork & Mindy trading cards (which I’m proud to say, I own all of).

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