UPDATED! Nick & Zoey, the Jamie Lynne Spears story

The news that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant won’t affect her Nickelodeon series, “Zoey 101.”The show completed production on its fourth and final season in September, and new episodes are still scheduled to air through 2008.Asked for comment, Nickelodeon said in a statement: “We respect Jamie Lynn’s decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn’s well-being.”Spears confirmed the news to OK! magazine.

Spears pregnancy won’t affect ‘Zoey’


That’s me making noise while sporting my (>:|) face. Aka my disappointed, jaw-twitching face.

Now for the deep sigh– everyone together… and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

What a horrible year for youth role models. I guess that’s why the responsible folks out there say “Don’t make idols out of false gods.” …Why my mother always grimaced when I found some TV star or movie Star to be worthy of my admiration and constant obsession.

Dan! Dan Schneider (creator of Zoey101)! What do you have to say about all this? And not some flim-flam cop out “supportive” comment. At least the last season was in the can, right? Mmm.

I was a big fan of Zoey101 (despite the suckitude levels of the acting which i found charming for some reason). And to be honest– I would have LOVED to see the resolution of this last season between Zoey & Chase. But you know what? I’m kinda broken hearted by Ms. Spears (and her ‘mother’s’) actions. Dude… when you’re a ROLE MODEL you have CERTAIN RESPONSIBILITIES to your public… I’m glad this blondy 16 year old is taking responsibility for her actions. Good on her. But she should NEVER have been in this situation to begin with. Oh MAN — the rumormill on her lifestyle just freaks me out (dude, I’m hoping she wasn’t living with her NINETEEN year old boyfriend).

But selling her story to OK magazine? Sensationalizing it? And now all the hubbub around brit-brit & kfed & daddy spears and how much they “knew” before the knowledge went public? GA-ROSS.

I’m sorry to say it, Schneider’s Bakery & Nickelodeon… I don’t want to see Zoey101 now– and not as a vengeful retaliation for the situation, but just because i’m disenchanted. Disenchanted, disappointed, and “over” the entire spears clan and whatever they’re trying to spin, sell, sink. Babies having babies. Sad.

What will Nick do to smooth things out with its public? They’re kinda damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Will they cruise right through it like the steady good ship Disney did with Vanessa H and her nudey photos? Will they quietly sweep all rumors under the carpet like they did with Drake Bell’s car accident & later his “rumored” involvement in Vanessa’s photo escapades? Will they do a “Nick News Special with Linda Ellerbee” about teen mothers & safe sex? (see below for my psychic awesomeness). To be honest– I’m not sure how I feel about something like that. Yikes, Zoinks, Ugh.

The whole thing is a sticky wicket. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. Le sigh + a disgusted twist-o-the-lip.

Well. We’re looking to you, Miranda Cosgroves (iCarly), and to you, Emma Roberts (unFabulous), to step up and show us that there ARE young ladies in the world who keep their noses clean and their attitudes bright and their respect & morals in tact. Good luck. May the force be with you.

OKAY. So… there are times in life where I am reminded of my own super-awesome ability to foresee future events… like perhaps this wee gem:

Linda Ellerbee, Jamie Lynn Spears To Do A Teen Pregnancy Special For Nick?

Dear lord all-mighty.  Oh the clustermonkey this is becoming– like a downhill train wreck during rush hour… Click the link above for the article (which links to the original article on USA Today– which crashed my browser, grumble).

Here’s the snarky-er take on the whole debacle curtousy of Best Week Ever’s bloggin’ crew:

Pop quiz, hotshots. Let’s say you’re a major children’s television network and your biggest, most bankable squeaky-clean-tween star’s name on the tongue of every tabloid gossip outlet in the world because word broke that she’s knocked up, and only sixteen, and the little sister of the fallen pop star who may just be the most spectacularly troubled individual on the planet. What do you? I repeat, WHAT DO YOU DO!?!? Cut her loose and distance yourself from the unpleasant message she’s sending to children? But what about all that free publicity? Well, if this rumor is true, and if you’re Nickelodeon, you go into full-on damage control mode in the fallout from your Zoey 101 star Jamie-Lynn Spears’ pregnancy disaster, and hatch an ingenious plan to spin this mess into an educational TV special about the dangers of teen pregnancy:

(click the link below to cont. reading)

Best Week Ever Coverage

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  1. December 20, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    Ugh. I always thought that Jamie Lynn would be a LITTLE bit smarter than her sister, but, I guess not. She’s pregnant with a 19 year old. She’s only 16! Gah!

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