Two Random Tidbits: Kabillion & Archie

Both eyeballed on today’s Cynopsis:

Kabillion, the kid centric entertainment broadband site, launches a new mash up tool called Little Director, which allows kids to create animated videos from drawings and stories they submit to the site. For a fee of $19.95 will put together a 90-second short complete with music and color animation and send it to the kid’s home as a DVD or digital download.

Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis – Cyn Kids 12/14/07

Kabillion is still rockin away since the first time I took a peep at them.  They’re site still shows promise (especially with the addition of the “Little Director” animation maker.  I’m not sure how kids will like being called “Little” but then again… they’re used to it. 

They’ve added a nice avatar builder– unique in comparisons to make already out there.  Nice.  Plus the funky styles/arrangements of the clothing ROCKS.  I dig my chick’s outfit.

Although I think the “Little Director” subscription seems a bit pricey… it’s a cool idea for those kids wanting to look a bit more polished in their animations then usually seen via the web.

Victor Gorelick is named the new Editor-In-Chief of Archie Comics.  Gorelick joined the Archie family in the 1950, when he began by working in the production department.  He eventually became Art Director and later an Editor for Archie Comics, and in the 1980s he was upped to Managing Editor.

Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis – Cyn Kids 12/14/07

I LOVED Archie Comics– and still do.  Victor Gorelick was my favorite artist of the Archie series.  When I was in junior high I had to do this “spreadsheet: categorization” project for computer class (oh lordy).  I categorized all 450 of my archie comics and THAT’S when I first noticed his name.  So, it’s cool to see that he’s getting a bit more of the credit he DESERVES.  I’m kinda sad it’s taken the “man” this long to promote him higher– especially since the guy has been there for OVER 50 YEARS.  Sheesh.

Kudos, Victor Gorelick!  Where ever you are!

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