Noteworthy: Zoey’s Room and Girl Education

…Today, I wanted to introduce you to another researcher who recently joined the CMS community — Erin Reilly, Research Director of Project nml.

The New Media Literacies (NML) project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, is developing a theoretical framework and curriculum for K-12 learners that integrate new media tools into broader educational, expressive and ethical contexts. NML is partnering with classrooms and after school programs around the country to test curriculum prototypes created by CMS students and program affiliates.

Before coming to MIT, Reilly was co-creator of Platform Shoes Forum’s model program Zoey’s Room, a national online community for 10-14 year-old girls, encouraging their creativity through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Zoey’s Room has proven results in advancing STEM and Media Literacy skills. In 2007, Erin received a national educational Leaders in Learning Award from Cable in the Classroom for her innovative approach to learning through Zoey’s Room. A recognized expert in the design and development of thought-provoking and engaging educational content powered by virtual learning and new media applications, Erin has been a featured speaker, panelist and keynoter at several industry events. Erin serves on the Working Committee of Pop!Tech (, an internationally acclaimed technology event that can be seen on PBS and the Technology Committee of the Maine Arts Commission.

Knowing how many of my readers have a strong interest in the use of new media for education, I asked Reilly to share some of her insights from working on Zoey’s Room and to give us a preview of what you can expect to see from Project nml in the coming year.

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins: From Zoey’s Room to Project NML: An Interview with Erin Brockette Reilly

Interested in youth/teen digital space, learning, and the girl demographic?  Do check out Henry “the pop culture god” Jenkin’s latest blog-of-knowledge.  It’s chalk full of insight!!!
I had the pleasure of meeting this Erin Reilly @ YPulse’s Tween Mashup this past September in NYC.  She spoke about COPPA compliancy & online safety with one of my best buds (and kid community GURU) Joi Podgorny.   Erin is BRILLIANT and I’m soooo pumped she’s worked with Henry “Coolest Fan Guy Ever” Jenkins

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