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Remember UGC? Well, France is battling the beast

I’ve been reading the coverage on a French case against Google regarding the old tired issue of copyright infringement by posting copyrighted films for viewing on Google Video or YouTube. In this particular case, Zadig Productions created a film entitled Tranquility Bay. Some user in the wilds of the web posted a digital copy of the film up into Google Video. As is the typical response in many of these situations, Zadig complained to Google and had it removed.

Mashable! – The Social Networking Blog

So… last year it went from (at least in my market) the buzz words of Online Community to Web 2.0 to UGC to Virtual Worlds and now to Casual Gaming.  Funny thing– this web business.

Anyway– so UGC is a problem (and a glorious problem it is) that will not go away… at least in regards to liability & copy right.  It’s a zombie to big corps trying to mother hen their properties.  Reminds me of outdoor movie theaters trying to build bigger fences– NO FREE PEEPING!

If you have a fond spot in your heart regarding the good ole UGC, check out that MASHABLE article by clicking the link above.  Who ever thought France would be the first to follow American mistakes?  Le Sigh.  Literally.

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